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Instagram is now one of the best possible social media platforms for restaurants and hotels. Photos make for rich content & in this age of “Content Marketing”, Instagram is proving to be one of the best marketing solutions for this ever-growing industry.



Its integration with Facebook allows you to advertise now. The fact that it has the best organic reach in relevant social media platforms is an added advantage.




Here are 5 simple tips to maximize Instagram’s output for your restaurant or hotel.


1. Use hashtags: Hashtags are huge on Instagram. They’re very prevalent and relevant.


Let’s outline major tricks to employ when using hashtags on Instagram

  •  Use trending hashtags – To increase awareness of your restaurant use hashtags that are already trending. For example, if it happens to be #InternationalCheeseBurgerDay, and your culinary delights include cheeseburgers, post a photo of that dish.

  • Use niche hashtags – Get found quicker and easily by your niche market by using specific hashtags. For example, if you’re a vegan eatery in Mumbai, use a hashtag like #vegansinmumbai or #veganmumbai

  • Use campaign specific hashtags – When you’re marketing, create a hashtag just for that promotion or campaign. This exposes your campaign to a lot of new viewers and makes it easy to track the success.

2. Photos of menu items: Instagram is all about photos, make the best use of this opportunity to post delicious photos of your menu items. The better the image quality and the plating the better the results. Images of your products should get people to drool!


3. Customer Engagement:

  •  Encourage your customers to upload images of your food items on their social streams. This type of user-generated content not only gets your customers involved with you socially but it also creates a strong bond between you & your customers.

  • Appreciate your customers to invite them and to be a part of your menu decision-making process. They will want to eat at your place and bring their friends to showcase their winning contributions!

4. Employee Appreciation: Take a photo of your staff working with a smile. It could be a delivery boy, or a chef or even a waiter. Post them to your Instagram feed, acknowledging them.


5. Contests: If you want lots of user generated content (UGC), organize a photo contest- on Instagram.

A photo contest would motivate your followers/customers to take photos and upload it on their streams

This will spread your brand’s reach to their followers as well. Whichever activity you are about to plan, you should always give priority on how to get more followers/ & reach on Instagram.

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